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       Who we Are

The Experience Christian Ministries (ECM) is a ministry given by God to its Sr. Pastor Anthony "Shep" Crawford & Co-Pastor Dr. Shalonda "Sunshine" Crawford, to specifically target non-church goers, everyday people, millennials, street-lifers, and people who are simply tired of church. We do not practice any traditions that are not biblically based, nor do we include any contemporary progressions that do not have a targeted effect on changing lives.


What we 


  • We speak on/about subjects that are typically considered taboo in many churches, but are spoken about in the Bible.

  • We meet each congregant where they are to bring them closer to where we all want to be in Christ.

  • Every experience at ECM is one to remember. Our Pastors put full effort into making sure that there are no ‘off’ Sunday’s, but that every Sunday’s experience is life changing.

  • Our goal is to turn the Holy Scriptures into a modern day script through drama, music, dance, and most of all, current day language, so that the congregation may understand how each biblical story and lesson applies specifically to their lives.

We are a church that is...

 “Out Of The Box But In The Word.”




 17 september                2023

The Golden 
An ECM 55+ Event

 8 October                  2023

The Breast Cancer 
Awareness Experience
An ECM Community Experience



experience christian


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