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Meet Senior Pastor

Shep Crawford

Sr. Pastor Shep Crawford is a 5x Grammy Award winning producer and writer, that God has been called specifically to build a bridge from the church to the world and from the world back to the church. Pastor Shep is very creative in his approach and way of presenting the gospel in an urban and everyday practical way.

Along with his wife and Co-Pastor, Dr. Shalonda Crawford, he has started a ministry specifically for people who are either tired of church or have never been an active member of a church. He uses a uniquely captivating, entertaining, and 

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thought-provoking method of preaching and teaching that leaves the congregation wanting to know about God on a more personal and intimate level. Pastor Shep is like a comedian, lawyer, dancer, singer, musician and story-teller all in one.

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Meet Co- Pastor
            Dr. Shalonda                                   Crawford

Dr. Shalonda K. Crawford is

the Co-Pastor of The Experience Christian Ministries, led by her husband and Sr. Pastor, Shep Crawford. She is widely known


throughout the city of LosAngeles and has been affectionately dubbed, Dr. Sunshine as she passionately pursues everyone around her to see the brighter side of life and tremulous situations. 

Dr. Crawford is high-spirited as well as highly educated having earned a total of 6 degrees including a Doctoral degree in Applied Clinical Psychology at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. All the while, Dr. Crawford has stayed busy in the church and throughout the community. 

It’s been said that there are 6 degrees of separation, but with 6 degrees under her belt, Dr. Crawford may beg to differ. She is a highly sought after psychotherapist in the greater Los Angeles area and dedicated to improving perspectives, making a difference and effecting change in the lives of every day people.

Is COVID 19 effecting your mental health? You can find resources at: or check out Dr. Crawford on this TedTalk discussing "Separation Identity."  

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Family Pastor

Jennifer Sorrell

Team Youth Director

Edna Doyle

Worship Arts Pastor

Alex Gordon

Lead Pastor

Dianne Taylor

Director of Women's Ministry

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Lead Pastor

Eric Stone

Family Pastor

Jennifer Sorrell

Team Youth Director

Edna Doyle

Worship Arts Pastor

Grunge Rock

Meet the Ministerial Team

Pastor Reid Rich

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Reid accepted Christ in the 6th grade and was a member of St. Paul Baptist Church in Long Beach. At only 11 years old, she was far too young to truly know who she was naturally or spiritually, which caused her to be a bit vulnerable throughout her teen and young adult life. As a young adult living life a bit on the edge and in a  pursuit for power, Reid found herself in some of the most unimaginable, precarious and life threatening situations. She unequivocally credits God for sparing her life to fulfill a greater calling. These experiences showed her that if you don’t know who you are or know your worth, you can be easily derailed, and find yourself on the wrong track. 


Passionate about helping women and teenage girls know their worth,  Reid would visit women’s recovery homes, halfway houses, homeless shelters, prisons and churches making herself available for whoever God would have her to assist or just lend her ear to. For eleven years, Reid was a part of a small group of women ministering in the men’s federal prison systems, until one day the group was asked to fill in at the women’s prison, it was there Reid was able to see God’s anointing on her life at another level, operating in her purpose speaking life and depositing hope.  From there she joined True Love Worship Center under the leadership of Pastor Mark & Desiree Jackson where she was President of the Women’s Department, Adult Sunday School Teacher and ministerial staff. 


                                                                                                                          Today, Reid Rich is an ordained Minster & President of the                     Women’s Department at the Experience Christian Ministries. She also heads up the Outreach team.

Pastor Dan A. Thomas

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For more than 20 years, Dan A. Thomas, Jr. has helped people see in themselves what others could not see. Dan is a highly sought after Preacher, Motivational Speaker, Business and Intuition Coach, and Consultant. His blended style of pragmatic concepts and faith-oriented methods provides a unique presentation that speaks to churches, CEOs of major organizations, while at the same time offering tested how-to's for the budding Christian entrepreneur. Dan's passion is to help Christian leaders and entrepreneurs who have adopted unfit paradigms to discover their personal blueprint by shifting them from what they can do to what they were created to do. PD is the founding pastor of Find Your Place Church in Ft. Worth, TX (set to launch in the fall of 2021) and is the prophetic pastor at ECM. He has been married for 15 years to Shasa Thomas. Together they have one daughter, Acacia who is 13 years old.

Dr. Matthew L. Nesbitt

Dr. Matthew L. Nesbitt is positioned as a refreshing voice and anointed gift to the Body of Christ. His charismatic teachings, coupled with powerful revelatory insight have led him to impact many through conferences, seminars, and workshops. Nesbitt, the author of three books, has been allowed to travel the country ministering the gospel with much power and demonstration. Nesbitt has an earned Ph.D. from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He currently resides in Los Angeles, California with his wife Dr. LaTasha “Dr. Nes” Nesbitt, and two children.

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Dr. LaTasha Nesbitt

DrNes Headshot copy.jpg

Affectionately known as Dr. Nes, her most intense desire is to connect the church and the community. Through masterful storytelling, she provides relevant and passionate teachings intertwining spiritual truths with practical application. She is the sole author of four works, and the founder of Dr. Nes International (DNI), where she motivates individuals and organizations to produce real results in their lives and businesses. In addition to this, DNI offers a range of literary book publication services. Alongside her husband, Dr. Matt, she is co-founder of both Power Couple Network, LLC & Now with the Nesbitts, a family brand that encourages individuals to live their best lives NOW. Together, they host a monthly in-person worship experience called Deeper LA. Her formal education was completed at Eastern Illinois University (B.A) and the University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign (M.A & Ph.D.) This mother of two is a Chicago native and currently resides in Southern California.

Pastor Robin Johnson


In Loving Memory... Out of sight, never out of mind...

 Always remembered


Pastor Robin Johnson became a minister in 2004 and began her journey in ministry at Greater Mt. Zion MBC. She joined ECM in 2014 and became a minister on staff shortly thereafter. She is remembered by her 3 children, grandchildren along with her many friends and her ECM family.


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