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ECM is a church that prides itself on being Out of the Box, but ALWAYS in the word. Our ministries work together to provide our members and visitors with an experience they can hold on to.... 


Looking for to experience more than just Sunday service? If you are interested in joining one of our ministries read below.

the Ministries of ECM


The production team is responsible for organizing and running then service. They ensure the service runs smoothly. Production is responsible to all behind the scenes work including: lighting, sound, recording, staging, etc. Interested in helping this ministry?

ROQK Star Teens

ECM's teens use creative expression to show their love for the Lord. ROQK Star Teens make a safe space for each other to engage in conversations dealing with the issues that concern them. They go on retreats, have summits, and go on outings to

Media Team_edited.jpg

Do you like what you see online each Sunday? Our dynamic media team is responsible for recording our Sunday  services. Interested in helping this ministry? 

Intimate Settings

Ever wonder who is in charge of our small group activities and ECM's classes? Intimate Settings engages  members by providing stimulating and informative classes that allow members to have a more intimate relationship with God. Interested in helping this ministry or signing up for a class?


ECM's Children's Ministry teaches kids about God's Word though fun, interactive and engaging activities. The children create artwork, crafts, skits, songs and more to show their learning and love for God! Interested in helping this ministry? 

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ECM is always in the community. Our outreach team does monthly food, toy and essential goods giveaways, computer literacy classes, and so much more. They are always looking for volunteers! Interested in helping this ministry? 

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